Maison de parc NOMAD

Maison de parc NOMAD

Livrée dans une boîte la maison de parc NOMAD de fabrication canadienne promet toute une révolution dans le monde de la villégiature saisonnière…Qui n’a pas rêvé de construire son petit chalet, son coin de villégiature où aller se reposer et refaire le plein.  Pour moins de 25,000$ canadiens l’entreprise de Vancouver offre ce rêve dans une boîte livrable n’importe où dans le monde.  Le designer est à la recherche de fonds pour démarrer son entreprise via Indiegogo

Voici ce que l’inventeur en dit (anglais):

NOMAD’s designer Ian Kent has certainly pushed the size limits of liveable homes. By incorporating an innovative staircase and varying ceiling heights as well as maximizing natural light, Ian was able to prevent this home from being claustrophobic. « I knew that effective design could make a space this size feel comfortable. My goal was to produce an efficient yet cozy home with minimal impact on yard space and the environment”. 35 years of design and home-building experience provided the answers. NOMAD’s living room, kitchen, bathroom, stair, bedroom, and storage are all seamlessly integrated: a stair doubles as a kitchen, a window adds light to one area and a higher ceiling to another, a bathroom doubles as a shower, storage that can be used as seating, and so on. These features are not obvious at first glance, but each one is essential to NOMAD’s livability.The NOMAD concept expanded considerably when Ian opted for home assembly rather than factory construction; this significantly reduces the purchase price. NOMAD arrives at your doorstep in flat-packed form, enabling easy shipment anywhere around the world.


As demonstrated by other retailers, products that are designed for home-assembly can offer significant cost savings to the buyer. When combined with NOMAD’s unique construction technology and efficient design, the result is viable affordable housing.


Converting to a more sustainable lifestyle and finding alternatives to public utilities is a significant challenge to tiny home owners. Justifying up-front costs, choosing the right products, and finding reliable installers are the main factors involved. Recognizing these issues, Ian worked closely with NOMAD’s engineers to complete this research and assemble an optimum sustainability package that’s custom designed for the NOMAD Micro Home. Flexibility is also a major component of this package, allowing NOMAD to adapt from various levels of available services to complete off-grid living.


True to its name, NOMAD can move and adapt to almost any location. It is termite, moisture, and fire resistant, and its strong, lightweight structure facilitates both easy construction and reduced shipping costs. From a practical backyard studio or home office space to an extra guest suite on a recreational property or resort, accessible quarters for students and employees or charitable low-income housing, easily transportable accommodation to remote communities or areas needing disaster relief, even affordable housing alternatives for developing nations. . . NOMAD Micro Homes can be used singly or combined in modules to specifically address your specific requirements.

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