En 2010…les ventes de VR ont progressé de 21%

Voici un communiqué de presse publié par Canada en VR pour faire état des chiffres de ventes de 2010.

« Sales Climb 21 percent for 2010

(Ottawa) December 23, 2010, Today, Go RVing Canada highlighted annual RV sales figures, demonstrating that sales are up an impressive 21 per cent across the country for 2010. A record number of Canadian families are discovering the fun and flexible travel that the RV lifestyle provides, and are taking advantage of continued affordability in the marketplace.  

Not only are sales up 21 per cent so far this year over 2009, but total retail sales at RV dealerships in Canada have surged close to pre-recession levels. This represents a very strong result for an industry coming out of one of the worst economic downturns in memory.

“This has been an incredible year for RVing in Canada, particularly coming out of such a turbulent period for the Canadian economy,” said Go RVing Canada spokesperson Alana Fontaine. “More and more Canadians are discovering the fun, freedom and flexibility that an RV vacation provides, and this is why we’ve moved close to pre-recession sales levels across the country.”

While consumer prices in most other industries have been on the increase since the end of the recession, RV purchase prices have remained stable at the record-low levels consumers have been enjoying for several years, due largely to the strength of the Canadian dollar.

“Today’s economic climate may be on the road to recovery, but Canadians are still looking for affordable travel options,” continued Fontaine.  “RV vacations represent an extremely economical way for families to travel.”

Depending on the RV model, a typical family RV vacation can be up to 75 percent less expensive per day than other forms of vacation travel. According to a recent cost-comparison study conducted by PKF Consulting, an RV trip is shown to be more economical when compared to a traditional week’s vacation for a family of four, when you consider the costs of flights, car rental, hotels and eating out at restaurants. »