Crossroads RV reconduit sa garantie de 2 ans

Crossroads RV reconduit sa garantie de 2 ans…  Selon VR Business le manufacturier bien connu Crossroads reconduit sa garantie de 2 ans sur ses produits.  Dans un communiqué l’entreprise annonce le retour de sa garantie de 2 ans.

Crossroads RV Reinstates Its Two-Year Warranty

Topeka, Ind.-based towable builder Crossroads RV announced the return of its two-year warranty.

According to a press release, the move is the result of Crossroads’ “commitment to quality and a testament of our commitment to the customer’s experience.” We have listened to our long time dealers and customers express their appreciation of and desire for the two-year warranty.

“After the considerable work we have done to elevate the level of quality in all of our coaches and our customer service experience, we believe it’s time to bring back a fundamental tenet of business from our history in the form of a warranty that is double the industry standard,” said Andy Cripe, CrossRoads president.

“We are pleased to listen to our dealers and customers and return to them what has been a fundamental pillar to our company since its earliest days. Crossroads’ investment in customer service, testing facilities, and continued quality ensures we are well positioned for this new chapter.”

À l’instar de Jayco, Starcraft et de Highland Ridge, Crossroads fabricant des produits Cruiser, Zinger, Sunset Trail. Altitude, Elevation, pour ne nomme que ceux-là avait retirer sa garantie de 2 ans depuis quelques années modèles.  Actuellement seule la marque Carriage est couverte par une garantie de 2 ans.  La compagnie n’a pas mentionné la date d’entrée en vigueur de son annonce.

Source RV Business